Rochelle Batten MBACP, MSc, BSc

Welcome to the website.  You may have found this site because you are looking for support, find yourself struggling, stuck or in pain and want to find ways to manage or change this. You may be trying to understand a situation you are currently experiencing or the shape and reasoning of experiences in the past. You may find that you want to change or understand specific relationships in your life or better understand patterns of behaviour in these relationships. During more peaceful times, you may use therapy to support personal development.  People seek therapy for many reasons.  We all experience times of change, uncertainty, loss and the uncomfortable and often painful feelings these can bring.  During these times, therapy can provide you with time and space to be in a particular kind of relationship with a trained professional who can work with you to explore your experiences, acceptance and the possibility of change. You may find that this simply provides you with a place to openly be, without judgement or expectation.

Therapy can be a challenging and uncomfortable experience at times, but one which may open up new ways of being and experiencing.  I currently offer face to face, telephone and online therapy (email, IM and video).  Face to face sessions take place in Edinburgh.  I am able to provide online sessions within the UK and Overseas.